“For every trouble you have had, God is giving you double (Isaiah 61:7)

What a great honor to serve the Almighty who is not ignorant of the plight of His children but aware of them! Being aware of them, our God has equally made provisions for alleviating the difficulties of His children who reverence Him. This God is worthy of our praise. Do not just praise Him because of what He has done but more for what He is about to do unto you this year that He, has made you to see.

Do you not yet understand that it isn’t all who desired to see this year that were able to make that dream come true? Yes indeed for many even gave up the ghost only seconds to this year. Your Creator however in His Omnipotence, withered storms, removed barriers as well as took care of uncountable obstacles and oppositions and brought you once more into this beautiful year. What an Awesome God our Maker is!

Refuse to be carried away by the weight of your challenges and difficulties but be overwhelmed by His greatness. Cherish the gift of life which He has given unto you because a living dog is better than a dead lion (Ecclesiates9:4). Most importantly, the LORD is in the business of amazing His children this year. Are you ready for divine embarrassments? If you are not, better be because it is going to be your year of double portion. Wow!

Aren’t you excited? You should, better be, because excitement is one of the greatest ingredients that causes expectations to come into manifestations. Ever been to a game where the fans are excited even before its kick off? An understanding of such euphoria and the role it plays in the midst of those who actually play, will stir you up and thus urge you to be excited as well about the awesome and wonderful things our Awesome God will do unto His children this year.

As a player in the game of life, the Heavenly hosts are getting excited seeing you warm up for the contests of the year. It might interest you to know why! Just as it is that the fans in the stadium via their excitements, spur the players unto victory, God has equally mandated them to cheer you up because it is your year of double portion. While others will be settling for one, Heaven says your portion is double, and double! Be embroiled therefore in a winner`s attitude and go all out this year for your victory is assured.

Let’s use a mathematical term to drive this point home further. Listen here and now: the number fourteen is seven plus seven. Seven as you know is the spiritual number of perfection. Since it has doubled itself, so is your Creator prepared to give you double for all the troubles you have had in the time past, this year. Everything promises to be double, for you if you are willing and obedient (Isaiah1:19).

That is the only requirement from your side and the rest, your loving and kind Creator will take care of. Now that you have heard about what is required from you, will you opt out and go back to sleep? That is not a good option because there is no food for a lazy man. A working God, loves people who work and speedily supply their needs! This is the more reason every willing vessel, prospers whether you are child of God or not as long as you apply the necessary keys. Yes indeed it is the true position. There are keys that open the doors of success and anyone, who applies them automatically, attracts success.

It is note worthy however that as a child of God, applying the keys, gives you an upper hand. Yes indeed for though He be not partial, the Almighty knows how to favor His children especially after looking into their toils and labor (Hebrews6:10). Do you know the power of this special account kept with the LORD our God? This year, will bring you the dividends of this account in the name of Jesus Christ. Notice the fact that your account must be verified before your checks are honored.

You have struggled and labored for too long a time! Most people may have even given up on you. That however is man for you little wonder they will tell you that failure has no relative. Thus the urge and drive for to acquire by every available means. The truth which man has failed to accept is that it is only the blessing of the LORD that makes rich and adds no sorrow. Since you choose to wait only on the LORD and they have ridiculed you thinking, that you are a fool; this year the LORD says He will prove them wrong.

A worker is worth his wage! This means that for every work done, either for good or bad, there will surely be a reaping. What will be seen in your own account? Acknowledge the fact that it is very vital to the fulfillment of the promises of God this year. He is committed to gladdening your heart this year but you must act well your part. For every giving, there is a corresponding receiving.

You may have missed it in the time past having not, had this special account with the Almighty but beginning from this day, you can right your wrongs and thus register your name in the lists of those who will receive open checks this year. Open Check that is exactly what His name: “I AM that I AM” stands for! Turning therefore to Him in humility, whole heartedness and simplicity, will issue this well desired check. Be prepared to receive an open check this year in Jesus Mighty Name.

Issuing an open check unto His children as compensation is what God does unto His people but most of the time, ignorance denies us of this! Most often we have this same longed for open check but do not know how to go about it. Ignorance is deadly therefore this year, aspire and go for knowledge for that is what God desires for you (Hosea6:6). The power of knowledge will enable unlock the heavens above you and make your double portion a reality and a dream come true!

The Bible tells the story of a child of God who failed to tap into the resources that abound in the province of the providence. When he died and his creditors came to take his children to balance their accounts, his wife tapped into the bank of Heaven and there was double portion (2Kings4:1-7). She paid her husband’s debt and became an oil magnate. How glorious! The people who knew her before as a poor woman could not recognize her again.

This year, as you apply knowledge, you will receive a double portion which will automatically change your address. If they are looking for poor, jobless and sick people, you will not be found among such any longer in Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 

Words from our senior pastors

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Ps. D. C. Jacobs

You are heartily welcomed to the Center of Possibilities. In this wonderful ministry of our LORD Jesus Christ, we believe strongly that we can do all things through His strength.

Bible reading for today

Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.

St. Mathew 11:28