The first thing to note in any given product is the manufacturer’s name, address and registration number. If it happens to be an imported good, no mistake will be made concerning its country of origin. Even these days, it must not be imported for its country of origin to be boldly inscribed on its container because of the need to understand that at least there are things we are also able to get done. Quite interesting!

What is however more interesting is the fact that companies especially those that are well to do have plants in almost every country where their goods are assembled and serviced. Little wonder those who can afford to take their machineries to its manufacturers have no need for a road side jack of all trade whom it is feared might add fuel to a burning fire. Thus despite the fact that the road side engineers are cheaper and does not delay, companies’ offices where one pays much more as well as the delay that is noted with such exercises are thronged because it is believed that none can know it better than its maker.

You may not understand what I’m talking about until you witness a scenario wherein one encounters a break down along the highway especially in a non civilized society. (Please do not misunderstand me; for I’m not trying to bring a comparison for there can’t be any but in the civilized society, things are so organized that if one encounters a breakdown on the highway, a phone call to your insurance company, will within the shortest time take you out of danger). I have witnessed one where some mechanics came to the rescue but the car owner preferred to make use of a tow van to the next city where he will get a workshop belonging to the trade mark owners of his car. He deemed it fit to pay so much to tow his car than to risk paying little to the available mechanics and loose much more because of the value of the said car. So it has been with everything humanity values so much.

It is however painful that one of the greatest products we have which therefore should be given this said treatment is left anyway anyhow because it seems man does not know its manufacturer or sometimes pretends not to know. Because of this ignorance, we have succeed in saving our cars, computers, electrical and electronic appliances as well as other scientific and technological products but have left the most important of all to lie in ruins because we have continued to rely on and apply the advices of road side engineers instead of taking it back to its manufacturer who therefore should know better.

I have kept you waiting for too long; it is therefore time to tell you what I’m simply talking about. Man is responsible for having made so many things that were made but marriage which he enjoys is made in heaven by the Almighty God who loved man so much as to make him a helper comparable to him (Genesis 2:18). It is however painful that as it is that man takes his goods to its manufacturer for servicing, we find it difficult to take marriage to its Originator whenever there is a fault. What is more painful is the fact that we seem to have agreed and sold the patent right of marriage to some individuals who now have the power to put asunder what God has joined together as against: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate” (Matthew 19:6). None other is paying its price but man.
It is funny to note that if man takes his machine to its manufacturer for servicing, he will be told what is needed to be changed or replaced which he will pay for because he needs the said machine to be working again. However God’s advice on how to run our marriages and therefore enjoy a happy home is taken for granted while we go about binding demons accusing them of what they are innocent about.

Some men and women rely on their parents to run their homes for them by turning to them for advices which is not out of order however needed to be weighed on the scale of its Manufacturer. If I may ask; do you not know that between when your parents married and yours, so many developments have taken place? Yes of course. Then you must understand that the Manufacturer of marriage knows the end from the beginning and as such knows that family interferences will come up in marriages and He instituted saying: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Note:


  • To leave your parents here have nothing to do with not supporting them for God also instructs you to honor your parents but not to the detriments of your own immediate family and as such your joy by your accepting every thing they instruct  or teach you.
  • It appears not to be possible for one plus one to be one but so has the Manufacturer ordained it and every attempt to play down on this or take it for granted by trying not to take your spouse along with you in everything you do, has devastating effects which has continued to be the major cause of the challenges marriage faces today.

Whenever the manufacturer’s instruction is taken for granted, the said product will be heading towards its waterloo little wonder man in a bid to ensure that his machineries are not destroyed, always ensures that the manual of any given product is studied over and over again. And thus we have succeeded in preserving our products but the instructions of the Originator of marriage, we have taken for granted and in some other ways, we are prepared to teach Him how best we think it ought to be done to the detriment of man.

The effects of this can not be overemphasized. Many have been talked out of the matrimony preferring to have children outside wedlock; no thanks however to civilization which seems to civilize virtually everything. In the western society, it is common to see men and women live together and have children without being married for years. It is however disheartening that any day they eventually decide to tie the nuptial vows, that is the very day trouble starts. I have seen a relationship that lasted fifteen years in friendship but as a married couple, after only about twelve months, they parted ways. Why you may ask! If the Manufacturer’s instruction is ignored, what else do you expect?

I read a book sometime ago and the Author said that marriage is like a castle; those outside want to go inside while those inside want to come out. Could that be true? A little yes: a little no. For those that follow the instructions of the Manufacturer, it is a no because the best thing that can ever happen to a man is to be happily married. However to those who do not abide by the guidelines of marriage, it is a yes. Marriage has indeed been subjected to so many challenges because the enemy of man’s soul; do not want him to enjoy this highly prized institution ordained by our loving and kind Creator. Devil may however have been responsible but man should be blamed; the more because he has refused to adhere to the instructions which guides marriage.

It is painful to realize that common sense is not actually common if not, a journey to your own household, I mean yester years, when the man or woman in you today was still a boy or a girl, will tell you that it wasn’t easy to live together with your siblings under one roof. I’m talking about the struggling and scuffling that always characterize the growing up of brothers and sisters of same parents under one roof. Do you know that sometimes when my children begin demonstrating those traits, I almost forget that I was once like them! It is however interesting that after kicking and hitting each other, the next second they are back to land being once more each other’s best friend. What a world children enjoy!

The simple point I’m drawing at is that if we can remember those things that goes on in the house among siblings, how then would you expect perfection from your spouse who is from a different family, culture, tribe and sometimes nation and in-fact virtually different everything? Do you not know that by expecting perfection from your spouse, you are requesting, for more than what you can give because no one can be perfect? The only way out, is: in all things that happen at home, learn to be tolerant because love covers a multitude of sin. This is just one of the simple instructions in the manual of the Manufacturer of marriage which has been taken for granted to the hurt of man.

We sure have a responsibility; an obligation to fulfill and we can not afford to fail because it is to our own hurt if we continue this way. God has given us the tips to a successful marriage and if we want to enjoy same, we must adhere strictly to the principles laid down by Him and as soon as we can do that, there will be more honey in our moon and joy, peace, understanding and others which makes this institution so sweet will come back even as dead homes will bounce back to life. Even so shall it be.
Finally, if anything comes up in your marriage, remember its Manufacturer and turn to Him for directions and please not to any roadside quack that will lay hands on it to your hurt and that of your entire household.

Until next time, happy married life and God bless.

Words from our senior pastors

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Ps. D. C. Jacobs

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Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.

St. Mathew 11:28