A general stock of the just ended year; have this simple conclusion: “Suffering and Smiling”. By general, I mean a journey to the world of the civilized and third world, aged and young, poor and rich as well as the employed and unemployed alike. While many more suffered, it was only a few that smiled. Even worst still is the fact that the smiles were temporary for they lasted just a moment. However to have cheered up for a while is better than to have been jeered at. It was such that even somebody screamed saying: May the sort of this year never be seen again. Is that where you belong or it’s opposite?

Whichever divide you find yourself, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate you for having gone through those storms of difficulties, swarm through the rivers of affliction and jumped down from the mountains of trouble with ordinary scares and though there be injuries, they are not life threatening.

You may be surprised at this manner of greetings but you need not be because what you are supposed to do as soon as you finish reading now is go to your church and book a thanksgiving service just to appreciate the Almighty God who has brought you this far. Just incase you are not a Christian or you do not have a church where you belong, lift up your hands where you are now and begin to thank Him (However, that is not an alternative for giving your life to the Owner of your soul nor for belonging to a church: Do not therefore continue to wait for delay is dangerous).

You may still be surprised over these statements but if you can be sincere to yourself, you are; not supposed to be. By being sincere, I mean to say if you can be truthful to, without lying to yourself. Does that sound strange? Please let it not be because sincerely speaking, there are people who lie to themselves. There are three people that one must not tell lies to and they are our pastor, doctor and lawyer. But these days, they are not told the truth and if man can live lying to these three people, then there is the tendency that lying to oneself is equally possible. You may doubt me but it is the living truth.

Back to what I was saying earlier on: if there is anything you must do now, it is to simply make gratitude your attitude because those bitter and painful experiences which you had and still came out alive; swallowed many more people. I am saying that those things you encountered last year and you are still alive, strong, hale and hearty to tell your tale is said to have killed certain people that went through the same things. Does that sound strange or surprising to you? Though it may but it is the truth.

Hence it is the truth and there is nothing any one can do against the truth but for the truth, I have a message for you as the divine messenger that I am. Hear this: “But to the living there is hope for a living dog is better than a dead lion” (Ecclesiastes 9:4). Do you think it is ordinary for some people to have died in the very place where you survived? If you think so, you are wrong and far from the truth which however is that you scaled through because God says: “For I know the thought which I think concerning you. It is a thought of good and not of evil to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). There is a future and there is a hope for you despite all what you have gone through.

It is therefore a new dawn for the word of God says: “Sorrow may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). If God says it, then it is settled and there is nothing any one can do against it. Meaning to say; that all heavenly hosts are at alert to ensure that absolutely nothing stops joy from coming your way this year. Before your loud sounding amen pushes somebody down, may I quickly add that the only person that can stop joy from coming your way this year is you, yourself. I however strongly believe that you will not create the atmosphere for this to take place.

Talking about creating atmosphere; do you not know that most of the troubles we face are created by us? Man is indeed primarily the architect of his fate. Yes and there is no two ways about it. Primary factors are much more devastating than secondary factors because the injury you inflict on your self takes longer to heal than the one inflicted by a foreigner. I am saying simply that an opportunity you denied yourself hurts more than that denied you by somebody you scarcely know. Though most of the time, such things are done ignorantly.

Ignorance may have dealt you a very heavy blow in the past but from henceforth, knowledge is coming to you; therefore get ready to recover all that the devil have stolen from you ignorantly in the past; this year. Do you know that one of the devil’s most powerful weapons is dwelling in yesterday where he does nothing but continue to remind you of the different troubles, bitterness and sorrow and most of all your failures and disappointments? It is on record that he will never remind you of your efforts and achievements. With this, he succeeds in keeping people at standstill positions without a way forward.

Do you also know that he does not even recognize your position or office? I remember one fateful morning that I woke up to a day of gloom and all, the enemy ministered to me was my mistakes and errors that have denied me a position of honor and most of all that I have nothing to show for my efforts. I have grown by the Grace of God to the point in life that the five senses no longer move me. There and then therefore I turned and screamed saying: “Though I may not have gotten to my destination yet but devil, I want you to know that I have a lot to show for my efforts in life; at least I am a proud husband and father”. You won’t believe the level of calm that followed.   

With this at the back of your mind, endeavor therefore to let the past painful experiences flow into oblivion. Dwelling in the past will do you no good. The opportunities ahead of you are far greater than the ones the devil may have made you loose. If you therefore fail to look beyond your sea shore, you may not be able to discover greater oceans. In other words, forgetfulness breads fruitfulness. This year is loaded with goodies and packed with blessings meant for none other but you. You must however forgive who has done you what as well as forget every painful and bitter experience and stay focused because it is a new dawn. Any time the enemy of man’s soul comes to tell you how foolish you have been, just let him understand that at least you are a born again child of God for that is the key to newness of things (2Corithians5:17).

Have you lost confidence in that business, marriage, career or what have? It is all as a result of the machinations of the evil one and his agents to make you hang the boot and give up the hope but it is a new day and you can still right your wrongs and in turn attain that height which you have long desired. You must however understand that; that man or woman is not your problem because we do not war against flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness who do not want anything good to come out of God’s people as such therefore this year you must learn to put on the whole armor of God and resist the devil so that he will flew away from you and all which pertains to you (Ephesians 6: 10-18)

Once more it is a new dawn and you must work towards ensuring that things become new holding unto the most High God and walking in His ordinances and contrary to what they have said about you, everything will turn a new leaf. It is God’s wish for you as such you must do all humanly possible to ensure that there are no flaws on your side because this year, God says: “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept my word, and have not denied My name” (Revelation 3:8).

What are your works like? King Hezekiah heartily received the message of the servant of God but turned to God and in his own words summarily said: “There is a mistake somewhere please look; into the records and consider my works” (Isaiah38:1-3). By such declarations, this king was able to have a turn around and consequently received an extension to his life. God desires to give your life, business, marriage and other things which your enemies desire dead, an extension: that is more life this year. It is not because of you but for His, own name sake.

If you can turn to God thus; though you may not have strength, no money nor any one to stand for you, but this open door which He has given will be permanently open and any one who dares to close it as they did last year will witness electrocution by the powers the Almighty have kept in place to ensure that it remains open. Just in case your works are not as they should be, all you have to do right now is turn a new leaf, doing good and shunning evil so that if the accuser makes a petition the merciful God will proudly rise to your defense.

Congratulations! I declare boldly that by the time this year is over, as long as you hold unto and believe the Source of all things that is the God of the universe, you will sing a new song, for your mourning will turn into dancing and your ashes will metamorphose into beauty. It will be a blessed year where the Lord will put smiles on your face and laughter in your mouth. And so shall it be in Jesus Christ mighty name.


Words from our senior pastors

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Ps. D. C. Jacobs

You are heartily welcomed to the Center of Possibilities. In this wonderful ministry of our LORD Jesus Christ, we believe strongly that we can do all things through His strength.

Bible reading for today

Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls.

St. Mathew 11:28